You may qualify for energy efficiency rebates. Please call us at 800-813-5230 before purchasing. The rebates listed below were effective January 1, 2012. 

* Air to Air Heat Pump $250 per ton
**Ground Source Heat Pump $750 per ton
*Electric Hot Water Heater $165.00

*Air-to-Air must have an Energy Star rating of 16.5, while Ground Source Heat Pumps must have an EnergyStar rating of 19.1 SEER. Up to 10 tons qualifies for rebates.

*Only Gas to Electric or new construction qualify for rebates. Hot water heater must have a 40 Gallon or larger capacity, with 4500 watt or larger elements. We also require a copy of the Purchase Agreement. Some restrictions apply. Please call us at 800-813-5230 for more information before purchasing.

Gas back up qualifies for the rebate program (as of January 17, 2011).

To Download a Heat Pump Rebate Application, click here.

To Download a Water Heater Application, click here.