2023 Report to Members


Team SEMO, the employees that represent SEMO Electric and GoSEMO Fiber, is proud to work - safely - 24/7/365 to provide essential services to you because you deserve safe and reliable electricity and fast and affordable internet. Making your life better with essential services in the Cooperative's six county area - Bollinger County, Cape Girardeau County, Mississippi County, New Madrid County, Scott County and Stoddard County - is our mission. 

I am proud of Team SEMO for taking care of you, for holding mobile food banks, helping other electric cooperatives restore power after severe weather in other states, for paying it forward to share electricity and broadband best practices with cooperatives and organizations from around the United States, continuing to learn about diversity, equity and inclusion and keeping the lights on and the fiber flowing during good days and after severe weather.

As we confront challenges such as storms, government actions, supply chain issues, etc., we are humbled by the support of our members and subscribers. Team SEMO will continue to keep pushing forward to help make your life better with electricity and broadband services.

Thank you. 

CEO Sean

Sean J. Vanslyke

CEO and General Manager

sean@gosemo.com - (573) 703-7694