January 2021 | Team SEMO

Just Jones

By Sean Vanslyke –

As we look forward to 2021, thank you for your support of Team SEMO during 2020. COVID-19 provided challenges and opportunities for you and us. I pray that 2021 brings healing to your family, our country and to the world.

Since COVID-19 changed our lives starting on the evening of March 11, we took immediate action to protect you and our staff. We kept our focus on making your life better with electricity and fiber in several ways. Since 2020 was a strange year, here are some interesting items about Team SEMO’s journey.

December 2020 | 2021 Rates & Gaming

Farmer Tom

by Sean J. Vanslyke -

Effective with energy bills due in February 2021, the daily fixed charge will increase 10 cents for all rate classifications. The cooperative’s charge per unit of energy – kWh – will remain the same for all rate classifications. The incremental change to the daily fixed charge will help SEMO Electric pay its long-term debt (much like a home loan) incurred from the 2009 ice storm, schedule regular system upgrades and conduct tree trimming for more than 2,600 miles of lines. Our focus is to keep the lights on in a prudent manner.

November 2020 | Laura & Scholarships

Team SEMO Helping in LA

by Sean J. Vanslyke -

COVID-19 continues to linger and change the way we live, work, learn and play. My wife Debbie and I miss seeing our daughter and her family in Seattle, Washington. We miss hugging our grandchildren. However, we have friends who have children in Asia and only got to see their grandchildren once a year – if they are lucky – before the contagion. Perspective helps.