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Do you risk losing out on family connections, learning, running your business and shopping and entertainment opportunities because you don't have reliable electricity or broadband services? Live life to its fullest with safe, reliable and affordable electricity and fiber-fast internet, TV and phone services. You matter! We serve homes, farms, churches, schools and small and large commercial businesses to make people's lives better. Thank you for your interest in the cooperative's actions to make people's lives better. The Newsroom will keep you informed.

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CEO/GM Sean Vanslyke

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The YMCA of Southeast Missouri is much more than just a fitness gym. Focusing on the well-being of all, they have made strides to create programs and groups to fit a wide variety of needs of those who want to get involved. Watch the video below as Brandy, CEO, tells the story of the YMCA and all the things that have to offer. If you have any questions, call (573) 472-9622.

The Friday Feature w/ Sean: Refuel, Fist Bump, Know You Are Loved

Many people stop at travel centers such as Buc-ee’s to refuel, to take a break. Let’s find a moment this Easter weekend to refuel on hope - on faith - and know that we are loved. Let’s take a moment to fist bump someone to let them know they are loved. On this Good Friday, let’s brake to remember that Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice for us. We all need hope. Keep pushing forward. We will see you next Friday. Week 159 of #TheFridayFeature.

BRAVE. ONFIRE. SOBER. SURVIVORS. BOSS Life Inc. is a nonprofit outreach program that supports recovery in women by providing housing and teaching day-to-day living. Watch the video as Katrina and her mother, June, tell about the organization, why it was founded, and what the overall goal is for those they serve. To find out how you can help or volunteer, call (573) 342-9228 or visit

The Friday Feature w/ Sean: Nurse Trees

In the Pacific Northwest with my grandkids, we learned one way the forest supports new growth. Nurse logs are fallen trees that offer seedlings shade, nutrients, water, and protection from disease. Nurse logs nurture and make way for the next generation. Don’t forget those special people that helped you grow! Welcome to Week 158 of #TheFridayFeature.

The Hope Therapeutic Horsemanship Center has a mission to improve the quality of life for children and adults with special needs by providing horsemanship experiences in a warm, safe, and compassionate environment. Equine-Assisted Therapy helps with a variety of physical, behavioral, and mental challenges as an alternative to the traditional clinical setting. With locations in Sikeston, Perryville, and Farmington, volunteers are always needed and welcomed. If you are interested in how you can help or get one of your loved ones involved, visit or call Jessica at (573) 258-2649.

The Friday Feature w/ Sean: Hug More

She was taken too early. Her dad gave me some sage advice after her burial services yesterday. “Hug.” Welcome to Week 157 of #TheFridayFeature. Prayers for our friends who lost their 37 year-old daughter, sister, wife, and mom. Life is precious.

"Anchor Church exists to build relationships, experience true hope, and make Christ known in Sikeston and around the world” states Pastor Jason Davis. If you are looking for a new church home or just visiting the area and want to fellowship, reach out to Anchor Church - Sikeston.

The Friday Feature w/ Sean: You Have Purpose

“As long as you have breath, you have purpose!” Special guest for Week 156 - three year anniversary - of #TheFridayFeature. Thank you Tim Tebow for helping us to #keeppushingforward! Thanks Josh McGhee for the backstage introduction. #leadership #management #leadershipdevelopment #employeeengagement #leaders #people #leadershipfirst #executivesandmanagement #inspiration #entrepeneurship #TheFridayFeature