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Do you risk losing out on family connections, learning, running your business and shopping and entertainment opportunities because you don't have reliable electricity or broadband services? Live life to its fullest with safe, reliable and affordable electricity and fiber-fast internet, TV and phone services. You matter! We serve homes, farms, churches, schools and small and large commercial businesses to make people's lives better. Thank you for your interest in the cooperative's actions to make people's lives better. The Newsroom will keep you informed.

On Behalf of Team SEMO - Thank you! 

CEO Sean

CEO/GM Sean Vanslyke

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👊 Meet Jerry. He turns 70 tomorrow. He says “get out there and get it done.” Happy Birthday Jerry! 👍 We all need a push from time to time. Being #intentional is so important because it allows us to focus on things to help ourselves so we can help others. Welcome to Week 120 of #TheFridayFeature. Thank you James Bagley for the hat. #keeppushingforward because when you #leadwithyourheart you make a difference in other people’s lives.

Classic KYMO is known for serving the River Delta of Southeast Missouri, Southern Illinois, and Western Kentucky for over 50 years. They play the Greatest Songs of All-Time at 105.3 FM,, and the FREE Classic KYMO App. Also, they now have ShotgunRadio971. It will for sure bring a little outlaw to your day!

The Friday Feature w/ Sean: Give A Little

Three special ladies gave me a t-shirt and took my blood this week. Meet Phlebotomists Lacey, Tonika and Teresa. They are doing their part to help save lives! Have a great holiday weekend. Welcome to week 119 of The Friday Feature.

Stars and Stripes Museum, is dedicated to preserving our nation's military newspaper, the Stars and Stripes. The first Stars and Stripes was printed in Bloomfield, Mo., in 1861 when Union soldiers took possession of the Bloomfield Herald. You'll want to plan a trip to visit this museum and learn the history of Bloomfield, Mo.

The Friday Feature w/ Sean: Never Underestimate Your Actions

👉 We have choices. When faced with challenging situations, we can run at the storm or run away. On April 15, 2013, Dr. Natalie Stavas approached the finish line of her fifth Boston marathon. Just blocks away, she heard explosions and ran towards them. Arriving at the scene she went to work administering CPR, applying tourniquets and triaging the wounded. Following these actions President Barack Obama, Katie Couric, and Anderson Cooper honored her for actions. Improper Bostonian magazine named Dr. Stavas one of "Boston's Best" and The Boston Globe awarded her with "2013 Bostonian of the Year" - an honor bestowed upon those that shape the biggest story of the year in a remarkable way. After the bombings Dr. Stavas increased her efforts in preventing childhood violence. She became a weekly medical contributor for Boston's Fox 25- discussing issues affecting children and young adults, a mentor for Sole Train- a non-profit guiding inner-city youth on a path towards their full potential through running. Dr. Stavas is currently a leader in education and research. She serves as the Program Director for Child Protection Pediatrics at the University of California, San Diego. In this role she mentors medical students, residents, and fellows towards a path of fulfillment in medicine. Her research on caring for vulnerable children has won awards and been highlighted on multiple media outlets. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Stavas has focused her research on how COVID-19 is affecting children’s health as well as physical wellbeing. She completed her training at Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard University. Welcome to Week 118 of #TheFridayFeature. Thanks Natalie! #keeppushingforward because your #actionsmatter and #inspire others.

Sitting just off Highway 25 in Bloomfield, Mo. sits a walk-up burger and ice cream shop. Along with burgers and ice cream, they also have other menu items. Jerry and Sheila would love for you to stop by and see them.

The Friday Feature w/ Sean: Dads and Moms

🤠 Happy Father’s Day! A special shout-out to those Dads and Moms who made the choice to make a difference in someone’s life they didn’t create. ❤️ You didn’t have to do it, but you did. Thank you Jim Vanslyke. Welcome to Week 117 of The Friday Feature.

As a follow-up to our Facebook post yesterday, we are still asking our members to help us conserve energy from the hours of 2 pm to 8 pm today and tomorrow. We know you have heard of the chance of rolling blackouts in different areas. We want to ensure you that if that becomes the case for SEMO Electric Cooperative, we will notify our members first. We appreciate all you do to help us in this time of need. If you have any questions, call us at (800) 813-5230.