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Do you risk losing out on family connections, learning, running your business and shopping and entertainment opportunities because you don't have reliable electricity or broadband services? Live life to its fullest with safe, reliable and affordable electricity and fiber-fast internet, TV and phone services. You matter! We serve homes, farms, churches, schools and small and large commercial businesses to make people's lives better. Thank you for your interest in the cooperative's actions to make people's lives better. The Newsroom will keep you informed.

On Behalf of Team SEMO - Thank you! 

CEO Sean

CEO/GM Sean Vanslyke

Smartphone: (573) 703-7694

Take Steps to Save Energy/Money

Snow and more cold headed our way. Be safe. SEMO Electric members can implement several practices to reduce the amount of electricity used during extended artic temperatures.

  • Turn and keep thermostat down 2-3 degrees.
  • Minimize the use of major appliances at the same time.
  • Use space heaters sparingly.
  • Seal around drafty doors and windows
  • Change furnace filters.
  • Turn down thermostats on electric water heaters.
  • Turn off lights & unplug small appliances not in use. 


Member Spotlight: Elite Skate

Member Spotlight: If you are looking for a fun weekend, this is the place for you! Elite Skate has everything you need to enjoy a night out with the kids. You can skate, play games or sit back and let the kids enjoy the bounce houses! If you are looking for a night out or needing to book a party, give them a call at (573) 620-3608.

The Friday Feature with Sean. Don’t underestimate your super power! Everyone has this one. Keep pushing forward!

Winter Storm

4 p.m. Winter Storm Update #5: Ice cleats and salt have helped Team SEMO navigate dangerous areas today. We continue to watch galloping power and fiber lines. Be safe.

1 p.m. Winter Storm Update #4: It's cold and windy as Team SEMO tries to keep the lights on and the fiber flowing. We need to pray for the sun to shine for a few hours to melt ice off of power lines and fiber lines to reduce galloping.

SEMO Electric's linemen are busy this morning with galloping power lines. This occurs when strong winds blow across ice-coated power lines, causing them swing violently. Galloping conductors can damage power lines, insulators and utilities infrastructure, resulting in electric service outages. This also may cause flickers and/or frequent power disruptions in your home or business.

8 a.m. Winter Storm Update #3: Galloping power lines are an issue at this time. Galloping will cause flickers. What causes galloping power lines? High winds and freezing rain cause power lines to gallop. Galloping occurs when freezing rain creates icicles and odd-shaped ice on lines. High winds push on the icicles and lifts lines up, creating a galloping, or jumping, motion. See galloping lines:

Conserve Energy

4 p.m. Winter Storm Update #2: Slippery sidewalks and roads aren’t the only things to look out for this winter. Shoveling snow can be a health risk as well. Remember to stay hydrated, take frequent breaks, and only move small amounts with each shovel pass.

8 a.m. Winter Storm Update #1: Keep your vehicle full of fuel, charge your mobile phone and monitor the weather. Colder temperatures means more energy use. Consider lowering your thermostat setting to avoid bill shock in a few weeks.

Let's Be Ready!

Take time to prepare for Winter Storm Roland. Fuel your vehicle, charge your phone and monitor the weather. Team SEMO has its plan to restore power should ice become an issue. Watch for updates here. Please stay away from downed power lines. Also, we haven't hit zero degrees since March 2015. Colder temperatures will drive up energy use. Consider lowering your thermostat setting to avoid bill shock in a few weeks.

Assembling supplies before a storm arrives is one of the keys to weathering a winter storm emergency.

Member Spotlight: Cowboy Pipe & Tube Company

Since 1975, this family-owned and operated business has hung their hats on customer satisfaction. Will, David and the crew at Cowboy Pipe & Tube Company strive to deliver the best service around in a timely manner. Let them help you today by calling (573) 471-8545.

Ways to Save

We would like to prepare you as much as possible about the upcoming weather. Temperatures will be dropping in the single digits soon. As the gap increases between the outside and inside temperatures you will see your usage rise. Keep an eye on your usage to try to keep it down as much as possible.

The Friday Feature #46

Stop and do it! Every decision we make matters. Keep pushing forward. My brother-in-law Eddie (age 50) passed away early this morning after a year-long battle with cancer. This video was done with a heavy heart near his house. He told me six days ago he liked the videos. He would want us to keep pushing forward even on bad days.