GoSEMO Fiber’s Phase One construction build-out underway for member-owners  

By Sean J. Vanslyke

Broadband/Fiber for southeast Missouri

We continue to hear from member-owners who desire ultra-fast internet...

What do bowling balls have to do with birds sitting on power lines?

By Sean J. Vanslyke

Birds on the Wire

The electricity business – or at least the part where Team SEMO delivers electricity to homes, far...

Co-op moves forward with fiber-to-the-home initiative for members   

By Sean Vanslyke

Triple Play

In the baseball world, a triple play (denoted as TP in baseball statistics) is the rare act of making three...

Delta Gilts joins Cooperative, opens pig production unit near Morley, Mo.   

By Sean J. Vanslyke

Delta Gilts

Team SEMO gets excited when new businesses or home owners become members of the cooperative. Beca...

Scholarships, fiber-optic plan highlighted at cooperative’s annual meeting

By Sean J. Vanslyke

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The 2017 Gathering – Annual Membership Meeting

We had around 500 in attendance for SEM...

SEMO Electric’s annual gathering set for May 15 at the Miner Convention Center; Aiden Jarrett

By Sean J. Vanslyke [email protected]

SEMO Electric Cooperative’s Annual Membership Meeting will begin at 7 p.m., Monday,...

Let’s avoid storm complacency; SEMO’s annual gathering set May 15

Are you prepared?

Often, we get complacent and not prepared for severe weather because of a long run of mild weather. We tend to let our guard down...

Save Some Green in 2017; Annual Meeting set May 15

Rebates for Energy Efficiency

As a SEMO Electric Cooperative member-owner, you may have the opportunity to receive rebates from the cooperative for energy efficien...

Residential electric rate same in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017

High Bills

“You raised my rates!”

“You are ripping us off!”

“I leave the thermostat set on the same temperature so my bill shouldn’t...

Best wishes to Ozark Border Electric Cooperative’s Stanley Estes

Stanley Estes

With an accounting degree in his pocket, Stanley Estes arrived at Ozark Border Electric Cooperative (OBEC), based in Poplar Bluff, Mo.,...

Turkeys trot in Bloomfield; Richland High School soars to Blue Ribbon

Turkey Trot

Wow! Thank you to all walkers, runners, band members, fans and volunteers for coming together on November 12 to make SEMO Electric C...

Sean Vanslyke

Accident survivor shares story to inspire others

Meet Gerry Kinney

Have you ever met a person who made a decision to be happy after a terrible tragedy? It is an amazing...