August 2016


As storms have hit our service territory several days this summer, it is a strong reminder that there are many things we can’t control. The weather is one of those things. Severe weather seems to cause outages, regardless of how much we plan, wish, pray or beg. However, Team SEMO works hard to restore power.

When people ask why the power went off, I often think of a flat tire. The last thing I want while traveling is a flat tire.  I don’t want one on a car, a truck, a tractor or a motorcycle.  It sucks! But, I deal with it. It’s part of the opportunity to travel. To go.  To visit family.  To go to work. Have you ever had a flat tire? Could you have done something to prevent it? Have you ever purchased new tires and still get a flat? Sometimes, we just have to stop and deal with life.

We feel about power outages as most people feel about flat tires. This last thing we want is severe weather or power outages. It is inconvenient for you. It’s not ideal. However, the outages may save lives because power lines could be on top of a car, a tractor or a house. It takes time to inspect lines and other damage. We do this for safety reasons. We all want the best for the people in our lives – our family, friends, community and others. That includes you, our members. It’s why we make safety a top priority at SEMO Electric Cooperative and devote time and energy to making everyone aware of how to stay safe around electricity.

That’s why we need your help. Help your children and/or grandchildren understand the importance of staying away from electric utility equipment, to never climb trees near power lines, and to fly kites in wide open spaces safely away from power lines. Know how to prepare for and stay safe after storms and other natural disasters that could leave behind hidden electrical hazards, such as downed power lines and submerged electrical devices. These are just some of the safety measures that we want you and everyone to know.

We don’t want anyone to take a chance that could end in tragedy, and to help, we’re a partner in the Safe Electricity program. We encourage you to visit, where you’ll find life-saving information presented in videos, interactive games for children, online teacher resources and much more.  

We appreciate the “thank you” notes we receive for restoring power. We also appreciate the raspberries we get to help us get better. But more importantly, we appreciate your attention to safety.

Book of the Month

Here is an excerpt from my Book of the Month: “Fuel your heart with encouragement. You fuel your heart with six things: what you watch, what you read, what you listen to, who you surround yourself with, how you talk to yourself, and what you visualize.” Joshua Medcalf – Chop Wood Carry Water

Be smart. Act safe.

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