January 2014

Welcome to 2014! Thank you for being a member-owner of SEMO Electric Cooperative. On behalf of my co-workers, we look forward to serving you in 2014. We wish you peace, happiness and abundant good health.

Winter Storm 2013

Whenever the electricity goes out, we’ve come to expect service will be restored within a few hours at most. But when major ice storms or tornadoes cause widespread damage, longer outages cannot be helped. Line crews and support staff work long, hard hours restoring service, but it’s a task that needs to be done methodically to be done safely.

In early December, southeast Missouri was blessed with a small winter storm. Winter Storm 2013 could have been much worse. Because of the advanced warning, Team SEMO worked with the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives (AMEC) in Jefferson City to coordinate mutual aid assistance to pre-stage line crews in Sikeston for a more efficient response. I extend a special thank you to our co-op friends from Boone Electric Cooperative (Columbia, Mo.), Callaway Electric Cooperative (Fulton, Mo.), Consolidated Electric Cooperative (Mexico, Mo.), Gascosage Electric Cooperative (Dixon, Mo), Laclede Electric Cooperative (Lebanon) and Three Rivers Electric Cooperative (Linn, Mo.) for helping us restore power. It is a great feeling to know there is help available.

Property Taxes

As member-owners of SEMO Electric, you might like to know we paid $528,713 in property taxes for 2013. Property taxes are paid on things such as real property (land, two offices and warehouses) and more than 2,600 miles of distribution lines which bring electricity to your home or business.

Rate Increase

Unless something unexpected occurs, I am pleased to report SEMO Electric will not have a rate increase for 2014. We have worked hard to contain costs and manage debt. As we look ahead, our power supplier has indicated electricity costs likely will increase in 2015. We will keep you informed as we get closer to 2015. Linkit

Farmers: Need Irrigation?

Electricity usage for irrigation continues to grow and we continue to install new services. If you plan to add new irrigation pivots or pumps in 2014 or would like to discuss switching to electricity, please give SEMO Electric’s Sonny Clark a call at 800-813-5230. We appreciate the business.

Vehicle Crashes

Power outages occur for various reasons. Outages may be attributed to storms, vehicle accidents, contact with underground wires, fallen trees or wildlife. In most cases, a power outage impacts a small number of customers and is restored quickly. During the past three months, we have seen a rash of vehicles striking power poles and causing power outages. As a reminder, if a power line falls on a vehicle (or tractor), you should stay inside the vehicle. Warn others outside the vehicle not to touch it or the power line and for them to stay a safe distance away. Call 911 immediately. The only circumstance where you should get out of the vehicle is if it is on fire. Do not step out of the vehicle, but jump free of the vehicle, so that your body clears the vehicle before touching the ground.

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