March 2015

Storm Response Team

Team SEMO is excited about this issue of Rural Missouri.  There is a feature article about SEMO Electric Cooperative’s storm response team on page four. Not counting electronic versions, Rural Missouri is mailed to nearly 555,000 Missouri co-op members. Whether it is a local restaurant, a local attraction or your local cooperative, it is nice to see southeast Missouri featured in Rural Missouri. We appreciate the publication and hope you do as well.

Educating Legislators

200 bills have been filed during the 2015 Missouri legislative session that could impact SEMO’s cost of business and your electric rates.  Each winter, SEMO Electric’s board of directors, Glen Cantrell and I travel to Jefferson City to meet with legislators at the Missouri State Capitol. SEMO’s directors, who are member-owners, ensure co-op voices of concern are being heard. These discussions with senators and representatives are essential to SEMO’s future and its ability to deliver safe, reliable and affordable electricity. When bills are being debated in the Capitol, our relationships serve as a conduit for open dialogue. These relationships offer an opportunity to educate legislators and show them how bills they are crafting will affect member-owners.

Space Heaters

We try to educate member-owners about the high cost of using a space heater to heat a home. However, many merchants offer “energy efficient” space heaters. Recently, I heard a sales pitch indicate the cost to operate “energy efficient” space heaters would be less than twenty-five cents per hour. Sound cheap? If left on 24 hours a day, that’s $6 per day or about $180 per month. How many space heaters do you have heating your home?

Five Generations

As a child, we are told time flies. As a child, we brush off the advice. As adults, we learn the hard way. In late December, my wife Debbie and I became grandparents. Ripley Rose was born on December 26. My grandparents were married on December 26, 1943. While Grandpa Walter died in 2006, Grandma Mary continued to live on their farm and stay active. However, her health took a turn for the worst in mid-December. On January 10, Grandma Mary, Mom Charlotte, Daughter Amanda, Granddaughter Ripley and I gathered for a five generation photograph. It is one I will always cherish. On February 9, Grandma suffered a massive stroke and passed away. One could only guess what I would give to milk cows one more time with grandpa and grandma. RIP Grandma Mary. Say hello to Grandpa Walter.

Sean’s Shout-outs

Shout-outs to SEMO’s member-owners Don Tubbs, Don White, Tom Stafford and Elvin Kingree. Shout-outs to Senator Doug Libla, Senator Wayne Wallingford, Representative Donna Lichtenegger, Representative Kathy Swan, Representative Holly Rehder, Representative Don Rone and Representative Tila Hubrecht and their legislative staffs.

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