September 2013

Capital Credits

SEMO Electric Cooperative’s board of directors approved a capital credit retirement of $500,000 comprised of 100% of remaining 1976 member allocations and 8.39% of 2012 member allocations. This is the 19th consecutive year the Cooperative has been able to retire capital credits – a total of $10.2 million. In 2012, SEMO Electric retired $409,308.

Watch your mailbox in mid-October as checks will be mailed to member-owners’ most current address listed on the Cooperative’s records. If the amount of the retirement is $5 or less, the amount will be carried over to 2014.

Free Co-op Connections Membership

Members now have a free membership to Touchstone Energy’s Co-op Connections national savings program. You can download the mobile app or visit on the web. There are more than 25,000 participating businesses and the list continues to grow. Discounts are available for retail items, dining, travel and more. Look for more information in future issues of Rural Missouri. If local businesses are interested in attracting new customers through Co-op Connections, please visit the site or call Marla or Glen at SEMO Electric.

SEMO Electric’s New Website

SEMO Electric’s updated web site enhances the member’s experience by highlighting content and solutions to make life less complicated and more energy efficient.   To learn more, visit Just because technology continues to advance, a face-to-face interaction is still available at SEMO Electric. Please remember SEMO Electric’s walk-in offices in Bloomfield and Sikeston remain open to you from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. We have a great team of member/customer service professionals to greet you.

Got Flickers?

Do your lights ever flicker? Do your clocks start blinking? Do you ever wonder what causes flickers? It could be a tree, a snake, a raccoon, a car, lightning, birds or other things. If something or someone comes into contact with our lines, the system is designed to protect itself until the cause drops off or burns in the clear. That is when a blink or several blinks may occur. If the power goes out completely, the system is saying something or somebody may have made serious contact with an energized power line. Once the reason for the fault is removed or repaired, Team SEMO is able to restore power.

SEMO Electric’s annual work plan provides improvements to the system by removing deteriorating equipment, such as poles and conductors, or special projects like adding more lightning protection around equipment or adding animal guards at equipment locations. Other efforts include clearing our right of ways of tree problems and keeping an eye out for potential equipment failures.

Be smart. Act safe.

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