January 2020 | Scholarships

Welcome to 2020

Welcome to 2020

As we enter a new year, I simply want to say thank you for being an engaged member-consumer of SEMO Electric Cooperative. If you are taking time to read, you are at least staying abreast of the cooperative’s activities. I want to say thank you to Team SEMO and SEMO Electric’s Board of Directors for a shared sense of purpose and commitment to make people’s lives better with safe, reliable and low-cost electricity and fiber-fast Internet. We aren’t perfect, but we try to work safe, keep things tidy, act prudent and take care of our member-consumers.

You know that electric cooperatives, like SEMO Electric, are deeply connected to the communities they serve and are focused on meeting consumers’ needs today and into the future. This requires much more than simply maintaining overhead power lines and other infrastructure. It requires us to focus on what our elected leaders are doing in Jefferson City and in Washington, D.C., to ensure they are acting in your best interest.

We are blessed to have engaged elected officials who support rural Missouri and cooperatives. Each year, we meet several times with legislators and their staff members to share our mission of making people’s lives better, to seek funds for rural broadband deployment, to encourage resources for small-scale, community-based energy solutions and discuss cutting-edge research to capture and use carbon emissions to make commercial products. It is important we share our story in Jefferson City and Washington if we expect to thrive in southeast Missouri.   

Leadership Scholarships

If you are a parent or legal guardian of a high school sophomore or junior, and a member-owner of SEMO Electric Cooperative, your student has an opportunity to apply for the CYCLE Tour and the Youth Tour. Four finalists for each event will be selected by Team SEMO. The deadline to apply is February 1.

What’s the Youth Tour? SEMO Electric’s high school juniors are eligible for the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association Youth Tour in June. More than 1,500 students from More than 1,500 students from across America take part in the Youth Tour experience each year. Students travel to Washington, D.C., to meet legislators and explore the history of our nation.

What's the CYCLE Tour? SEMO Electric's high school sophomores are eligible for the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives' Cooperative Youth Conference and Leadership Experience (CYCLE) Tour. It is a three-day leadership program with other Missouri students at Jefferson City in July.

Please visit GoSEMO.com, see your high school guidance counselor or email ron@gosemo.com for more information.

Book of the Month

"Ninety percent of anything is showing up. When you hear those words at age twenty, they sound comical. However, you come to realize... Showing up really, really matters." Harry Beckwith - You, Inc.

 As we look to 2020, thank you for allowing us to serve you. Happy New Year!


Vanslyke is the general manager and CEO of SEMO Electric Cooperative and GoSEMO Fiber. The photo shows Sean in Washington, D.C.