June 2, 2021


Solar panels are a hot trend right now. Companies are flooding the territory. We have did a bit of research of our own. Below is one of our members that has recently installed 22 roof-mounted panels on his home. We are trying to learn what it is that members need to hear before installing. Are you considering a solar energy system? Do your homework. Ask some questions before you commit to such a big project. We have updated our website - gosemo.com/solar-net-metering to provide you information as you begin to assess your solar needs. Questions such as: What are my goals for installing a solar energy system? Have I educated myself about the installation process and maintenance requirements? How much can I afford? What is my annual electricity use? What is my summer and winter electric use? What are the benefits of having an energy audit before investing in solar? Is additional homeowner’s insurance required? Will my contractor submit interconnection and net metering applications, or will I be responsible? What questions should I ask the contractor/installer before I sign a contract to protect my investment? What is the total cost – soft costs, monthly payments, interest, etc. – of the entire project?

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