June 2018

Sean Vanslyke

Fiber-fast internet available in Advance; Put safety first when swimming near docks

By Sean J. Vanslyke


Fiber-fast Internet

At this year’s annual meeting, we announced that we already have nearly 200 member-owners loving their fiber-fast internet. We are proud of the accomplishment as it was just at last year’s annual meeting we announced that SEMO Electric’s board of directors approved a plan to build a state-of-the-art, fiber network – from the ground up. It has been and continues to be a big job. However, Team SEMO has moved quickly as fiber-fast internet is now available in Miner and Advance. Bloomfield is next.

So, what is so special about fiber-fast internet? Optical fiber (strands of pure glass as thin as a human hair) to your home allows us to transmit data at speeds that far surpass DSL, satellite, wireless and cable. And with no usage limits on our plans, your entire household will be able to play games, stream music or videos, and surf the web without worrying about data consumption. Our residential service plans are simple: $50 a month for up to 100 Mpbs or $80 a month for up to one gig. No contracts. Unlimited data.

We are excited about the future. Team SEMO will continue to push forward to serve all member-owners. We know we can deliver safe, reliable and low-cost energy. We believe providing you with the fastest internet in the world – with no limits – at an affordable price is the right thing to do. Learn more at gosemofiber.com.



Dock Safety

Whether at home or on vacation, boating, fishing, and swimming can be fun ways to enjoy the great outdoors. We want to help keep the fun in these activities by sharing the message, “If you feel a shock, swim away from the dock,” to educate people on how to stay safe from a hidden hazard called electric shock drowning (ESD).

Electric shock drowning occurs when electric current is present in fresh water and passes through the body of someone in that water. This causes muscle paralysis, which leaves the affected individual unable to swim to safety. It’s a particularly dangerous hazard because it’s impossible to tell by sight if the water is energized. Outdated wiring and a lack of proper safety equipment on boats and docks can cause such situations where electricity “leaks” into the water.

According to the Electric Shock Drowning Prevention Association, between 10 and 15 milliamps, which is just 1/50 the wattage of a 60 watt light bulb, can cause drowning. Safe Electricity recommends that individuals do not swim around docks with electrical equipment or boats plugged into shore power. Let’s play safe and enjoy the summer.

Co-op 101 – Juice and Fiber

Based on attendance and positive feedback from previous Co-op 101 sessions, we will host a third Co-op 101 at 6 p.m., Monday, June 18 at our Sikeston office. If you are curious about SEMO Electric Cooperative’s GoSEMO Fiber project or want to know what it takes to deliver electricity (juice) or fiber to your home, farm or business, join us

If you are a SEMO Electric member-owner and would like to interact with Team SEMO, hold a strand of fiber, touch a fuse barrel or see our inventory barcoding system in action, email marla@gosemo.com or call 800-813-5230 to reserve a seat.  We will discuss the cooperative business model, provide insights about SEMO Electric and GoSEMO Fiber and provide a tour of the facility. Plus, you can experience fiber-fast internet.



 Book of the Month

“Naked service providers not only overcome their need to feel important in the eyes of their clients, but also purposefully put themselves in a lower position. They do whatever a client needs them to do to help them improve, even if that calls for the service provider to be overlooked or temporarily looked down on. Ironically, clients come to trust and respect service providers who do this and ultimately come to think more highly of them. That’s because there is nothing more attractive and admirable than people who willingly and cheerfully set their egos aside and make the needs of others more important than their own.” Patrick Lencioni – Getting Naked 

Be smart. Act safe.


Vanslyke is general manager and chief executive officer of SEMO Electric Cooperative. The photo shows Sean speaking at a state-wide foremen’s conference held by the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives.