March 2020 | Family Bowling

Bowling in 1999
Mark your calendars!

by Sean J. Vanslyke -

Save the Date

SEMO Electric’s Annual Membership Meeting is set for July 2, 2020 (updated as of 03/30/2020), at the Miner Convention Center. Doors will open at 5 p.m. for snacks and music. The business meeting will begin at 7 p.m. Please mark your calendar.

Space Heaters

We try to educate member-owners about the high cost of using a space heater to heat a home. Many merchants offer “energy efficient” space heaters. The cost to operate an “energy efficient” space heater could be around 15 cents per hour. Sound cheap? If you left it on 24 hours a day, that’s $3.60 per day or about $108 per month. How many space heaters do you have? If you use them, be wise. Also, the National Fire Protection Association says space heaters account for 43% of all home fires in the United States. Please use caution when using space heaters.

Family Fun

My parents love to bowl. As a young person, I spent many evenings in the bowling alley playing catch with other kids with a wadded-up paper cup. We usually ended up getting in trouble for running around and had to “sit down.” However, the fun was worth the pain. Later in life, I started bowling in youth league on Saturday mornings. Eventually, I joined my parents for adult league until we moved away from Joplin, Mo. My parents continue to bowl. In fact, my father recently shot his tenth 300-sanctioned game. Over the years, we have traveled to tournaments together and, as I get older, I appreciate the memories as it has been several years since we bowled together. Congratulations Dad! Keep bowling.

Book of the Month

“A positive attitude allows you to see the things you undertake as an opportunity, not an obligation.” Mark Sanborn – The Fred Factor

Be smart. Act safe.

Vanslyke is general manager and chief executive officer of SEMO Electric Cooperative. In the photo from 1999, is Sean’s sister Jill, mom Charlotte and dad Jim at the United States Bowling Congress Open Championships at Syracuse, New York. A quick shout-out to Jill who has had a 300-sanctioned game.