March 9, 2020 | Coronavirus Response

Leadership Group

A mentor of mine once told me that prayer should be our first action. Therefore, say a prayer for the pandemic to end soon. Team SEMO provides essential services as we make people’s lives better with electricity and GoSEMO Fiber.

I took this photo of our leadership team conferring this evening to review contingency plans. The concern to provide 24/7 services for members-subscribers is real. The concern for Team SEMO is real.

We are actively monitoring issues (and storms) and making necessary steps to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus. We have closed our local fiber offices to reduce physical contact so we have adequate staffing for fiber services (our electric offices are open as we have protective barriers). We do encourage members to pay via phone or smart devices and call for broadband services. We have canceled upcoming group meetings and several of our linemen will work from home to reduce group contact.

We will get through this event with safety, respect and flexibility. Be smart. Act safe. Say a prayer.