May 5, 2023

The Friday Feature w/ Sean: Gratitude & Incentive Spirometer

Hello. Welcome to Week 163 of The Friday Feature. It’s May 5, 2023. We may only see the bright side of people’s lives and assume their life is grand. We may not see the other side as individuals suffer with chronic pain, the loss of a loved one, financial issues, employment frustrations, and so on. Many people are dealing with something. However, they keep pushing forward. Some push forward by helping others, which is rewarding and makes us feel better.

During the last 24 hours, I have so much gratitude for the medical team that has cared for me as I was under anesthesia for more than four hours for surgery, plus pre and post-op attention. I have met some incredible people as I try to smile through the pain and be a patient patient. I realize they are juggling other patients (some with issues much more desperate than mine) and things at home. It has been a good reminder that people with empathy understand how to turn the focus from them to you.

Three additional items: 🙏 First, prayers to our friends who were impacted by the dust storm wreck on I-55 in Illinois. We used to live in the area. 👍 Second, thanks to our friends and #teamsemo for your support. 😃 Third, we all need our own Incentive Spirometer to help remind us to take slow and deep breaths each day as we keep pushing forward.

Make the most each day. See you next Friday.

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