May 1, 2021

Member Spotlight | ReCar in Benton, Missouri

Why Recar? Here’s why. Everyone knows you save money on buying a vehicle with a history, but they have concerns about financing, protection plans, and ability to resell. We say- no more worries. We remove the concerns and leave our buyers with only the benefits- saving money and buying more vehicle for less. We use our experience of 15+ years and 20,000+ vehicles sold at 74 Auto to provide you with a better way to find the value on your next car. Our worldwide base of repeat customers will tell you we do business the right way, and we stand behind what we sell. We also provide a Carfax history report with every vehicle. Our buyers save money when they buy and lose less when they resell. This works because of the value from their initial purchase. It’s why our customers come back and it’s why you’ll come back too.

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