September 1, 2023

The Friday Feature w/ Sean: Skid Row. Help Wanted.

I share this The Friday Feature - Week 180 - with a deep sense of purpose, aiming to draw attention to the stark realities of Skid Row in Los Angeles. It was a humbling experience.

At 5:30 a.m., Sunday, our team of volunteers arrived in the Skid Row community. As the sun had yet to rise, the area was gently lit by the glow of streetlights, casting a somber hue on the scene where we would soon provide breakfast to those less fortunate. The struggles and challenges faced by these individuals struck a chord in my heart. Amid the backdrop of this challenging environment, a fellow volunteer whispered a heartfelt prayer, "Jesus, help them." In the midst of our tasks, a silent plea resonated within me, "Bless them. Change me."

Our purpose revolved around supporting The Midnight Mission, an organization that extends not only three nourishing meals daily but also a glimmer of hope to individuals and families grappling with homelessness. Our journey began with Covid tests and the donning of hairnets, gloves, and masks. With determination, we sorted items and prepared food, channeling our energy into something greater than ourselves. The real magic transpired as we efficiently served more than 400 warm meals in just half an hour. The kitchen and cafeteria buzzed with a shared sense of purpose, an atmosphere fueled by compassion.

Yet, our contributions did not end there. As the morning progressed, we reconvened at our hotel to assemble and pack 800 hygiene kits. Each item we carefully placed within those kits carried the potential to bring comfort and relief to those in dire circumstances.

The significance of these efforts resonated deeply, reminding us of the power of unity and the ability to create change. Thanks to Molly Wootton at The Midnight Mission.

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