February 22, 2021

Arctic air descended into the region on February 7 and didn't let up until the afternoon on February 20. The duration of this cold air outbreak was impressive for a large chunk of the country including our area. Paducah, KY set an all-time record with 9 consecutive days remaining below 30 degrees (previous record was 7 days in 1978). Carbondale, IL tied an all-time record with 13 consecutive days remaining below 32 degrees (also set in 1978). Numerous record lows and cold highs were established at Paducah, Carbondale, Cape Girardeau, and Poplar Bluff.

December 2019


Winter Energy Bills

The 2020 edition of the Farmers' Almanac suggests a suspenseful start to January over the eastern half of the country. This may mean frequent freefalling precipitation as well as strong and gusty winds. And a cold winter can bring an equally cold reality: higher heat bills.  Keep your costs and energy use as low as possible by acting now to avoid energy bill shock.Two big ideas: 1) Start with a heating system checkup. Keep your heating system clean and in tip-top working order.