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September 22, 2023

👉 The critics are on the horizon, but stay true to your game plan and remain authentic. Welcome to Week 183 of #TheFridayFeature. Would you choose to work for a coach who genuinely supports you? Would you work for someone who motivates you to reach your full potential? Would you work for a coach who maintains professionalism without using profanity? I certainly would.

September 15, 2023

🌻 Like a sunflower seed, each of us carries immense potential within. Love your unrealized potential. “Love the unrealized potential in other people.” Welcome to Week 182 of #TheFridayFeature. 👉 “Potential is an amazing thing. You are not what has happened to you. You are not what you have accomplished. You are so much more. Even who you are today is only a portion of who you can become.” The Rocking Chair Prophet

September 2023 | Team SEMO = Juice + Fiber

Sept Blog

by Sean Vanslyke –

Greetings! As the deadline for this column drew near, several thoughts crossed my mind that I'm eager to share. Here are some concise updates for you.

Electricity: Unpredictable summer storms, like the EF-2 tornado in late July near Bertrand on Highway 532, highlight the importance of preparedness. Team SEMO's response and collaboration with first responders was commendable. Let's all have a plan to stay safe during severe weather and power outages.

August 25, 2023

Welcome to Week 179 of #TheFridayFeature! As I walked through the darkness last night, my mind wandered back to the past two days when I facilitated a significant meeting. Every instance of conducting such gatherings serves as a reminder that our differences define us. Our diverse talents, varied responses, and unique qualities set us apart. This truth is as evident as the distinct fingerprints we each possess.

August 18, 2023

👉 Welcome to Week 178 of The Friday Feature. We find inspiration in various forms and people. Olivia Lane’s message, “When I think about myself, I spiral out of control. When I think about other people, I am lifted up,” resonates with me. Let’s embrace the inspiration around us by opening our eyes and hearts. Remember, you might be inspiring and uplifting others without even realizing it. Our thoughts go out to the families in Hawaii as they rebuild and honor those who have passed. #keeppushingforward

August 11, 2023

Welcome to the 177th edition of The Friday Feature! In this week's installment, our team masterminded a fundraising event in support of a local food pantry and resale store. The event took an unexpected twist with the inclusion of ducks and a kiddie pool. Amidst the jovial atmosphere, someone playfully suggested the idea of the CEO taking a plunge into the pool. In a lighthearted exchange, I responded with a challenge: if they could surpass a certain fundraising goal, I would take the plunge too.