Unclaimed Capital Credits

Power Perks - Membership Has Its Perks

One of the benefits of being a member is patronage capital credits. Patronage capital credits aka Power Perks come from margins, or money left over at the end of the year after all operating costs and expenses have been paid.  These margins are allocated to each member’s capital credit account based on how much electricity the member purchased that year. The allocated margins are retained and used by SEMO Electric for operating capital. This reduces the amount the Cooperative has to borrow.

Each year the Board of Directors determines if the Cooperative is financially able to pay prior years’ capital credits back to the members.  When approved, the Cooperative refunds designated prior year’s capital credits to the members who used electricity during the designated years. SEMO Electric refunds capital credits on a first-in, first-out basis.

Be sure to update your mailing address with SEMO Electric if you move so we can send future Power Perks checks to the correct address.

Please contact our office for more information at 800-813-5230.